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U2 - Atomic - Bono - Gear

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GIBSON Les Paul Custom - black (vintage uncertain)

GIBSON Les Paul Custom - metallic - (vintage uncertain)

Gibson Hummingbird - 19xx - black finish:
DETAILS: Used occasionally during the acoustic set on the Joshua Tree and ZOOTV tours, this guitar was used to play "Kite" each night on the Elevation 2001 tour.
Gibson Hummingbird - 19xx - red finish:
DETAILS: Bono played "Staring At The Sun" on this guitar during the 1997-98 Popmart Tour. This appeared to be Bono's # 2 acoustic on the Elevation 2001 tour.
Gibson ES-175 - 199x - black finish
DETAILS: This guitar was used during the ZOOTV/ZOOROPA tours. It has a sticker on the underside reading, "I Feel Good". This is a hollowbody guitar that was originally designed more for "jazz" music but Bono seems to be very drawn to this model, owning at least 3 ES-1754's. Bono used this for "The Fly", "One", "Stay (Faraway, So Close!), and "Dirty Day" during the ZOOTV/ZOOROPA tours. - [Source: "U2: ZOOTV Live From Sydney"]
Gibson ES-175 - 199x - (custom) blue sparkle finish
DETAILS: This blue sparkle finish was custom ordered for Bono for the Popmart tour. The Edge borrowed this guitar for the video shoot for the "The Ground Beneath Her Feet", from the "Million Dollar Hotel" soundtrack. Bono played this guitar during "Miss Sarajevo" during the 9-23-1997 Popmart Sarajevo show.
- [Source: "U2: The Best of 1990-2000" & VCD of Sarajevo concert
Gibson ES-175 - 199x - (custom) red sparkle finish
DETAILS: This red sparkle finish was custom ordered for Bono for the Popmart tour. It was used during live performances of "Last Night on Earth". I saw Bono smash this against the drum riser in Oakland during "I Will Follow", on the Elevation 2001 tour. It has since been repaired. I saw the pictures on the Gibson site. They did a great job repairing it.
- [Source: Concerts attended. U2 Popmart live from Mexico City video & "In The Shop"].
Gibson ES-335 - 19xx - Heritage red finish
DETAILS: This guitar has a rosewood fretboard, block inlays, cream body binding, two humbucker pickups and a stop tailpiece. Bono used this guitar during the Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum Pt. Depot sessions (as seen in many pictures in the "Official Rattle and Hum" book) and during the Lovetown tour.
- [Source: "Official Rattle and Hum" book: p20, p21, p79]
Gibson L5 - 19xx - tobacco sunburst
DETAILS: There are pictures of both Bono and The Edge playing this guitar during the Rattle and Hum Sessions at Pt. Depot in Dublin. I am not sure if it made an appearance on Rattle and Hum (or any other album). I have not seen it in any live concert pictures either.
- [Source: "Official Rattle and Hum" book. P16, p27, p28]
Gibson Les Paul Custom - 19xx - black finish
DETAILS: I have seen pictures of Bono in the VOX magazine [August 1993/Page#21] while in the studio during the writing and recording of the Zooropa CD. I do not recall seeeing him use this guitar for live applications. I have also seen a few in the studio pics of Bono playing this during the making of POP and ALL THAT YOU CAN'T LEAVE BEHIND.
Gibson Les Paul - 19xx - (custom) hologram finish
DETAILS: Bono used this guitar to play "Last Night On Earth", opening night of the European leg of Popmart tour. (Rotterdam, Netherlands. July 18, 1997)